Our Baby Room caters for children aged three months to five years.

We have a separate room for babies to sleep, a nappy changing area and a milk kitchen.


7.30-9.00- Breakfast/ Free flow child-initiated play/ Nappy changes.
9.00-9.45- Adult led activity/ Free flow child-initiated play.
9.50-10.15- Snack time/ wash hands
10.15-10.30- Getting ready for the garden
10.30-11.15- Garden Time
11.15-11.30- Nappy Changes/ Getting ready for lunch/ Wash hands
11.30-12.00 -Lunch Time
12.00-2.30- Sleep Time/ free flow child-initiated play/ nappy changes.
2.30-3.00- Snack time/ Wash hands
3.00-3.40- Getting ready for the garden/ garden time
3.40-4.00- Nappy changes/ wash hands/ get ready for tea.
4.00-4.30- Tea Time.
4.30-6.00- Adult led activity/ Free flow child-initiated play/ Home time.