Terms & Conditions

To enable Yellow Star Limited to provide and maintain the highest possible standards of childcare, it is necessary for all parents to be aware of, and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • To register a child at the nursery, a non-refundable registration fee of £75 is payable for each child. This does not guarantee that a place will be available.
  • Fees will be charged monthly in advance and are to be paid by standing order, debit/credit card or childcare vouchers on the first day of each month. Fees are payable during periods of absence from the nursery, including sickness and holidays. Fees are payable for all public and bank holidays.
  • Fees are calculated on the basis of the weekly charge for sessions attended, multiplied by 51 (weeks) and divided by 12 (months) to create a fixed monthly charge.
  • Prices quoted are per child and include breakfast, lunch, snacks and tea. Nappies and wipes are also included.
  • To secure a nursery place, the first month’s fees must be paid when a place is confirmed.
  • Four weeks written notice is required to cancel a place or to withdraw your child from the nursery. Fees are payable during this four week period. Fees apply if a place is confirmed but there is a delay in the start date.
  • A minimum £20 charge will apply for each re-presented payment. Children may be excluded from the nursery and registration terminated if fees remain unpaid for more than 7 days beyond the 1st day of each month thereafter.
  • Parents/Carers should be aware that the Nursery should be vacated by the designated closing time. Collecting children late from nursery will be subject to a surcharge, details of which are posted on the Nursery Noticeboard. Charges are made every 10 minutes or part thereof.
  • Yellow Star Limited does not accept responsibility for accidental injury or loss of property. Yellow Star Limited does maintain those insurances required by law. Details of these are available from the Nursery Manager. Copies of the current Employer’s Liability and Public Liability Insurance policies are displayed on the Nursery Noticeboard.
  • If your child becomes ill during a Nursery session the Nursery Manager or Key Person will contact the parent/carer or the emergency contact indicated on the registration form. If your child is suffering from a communicable illness he or she should not be brought to the Nursery until the infection has cleared.
  • Parents/carers are required to inform the Nursery if your child is absent through sickness. A copy of the Infection Control Policy is available from the Nursery Manager.
  • We will work with parents/carers to provide suitable food for children who have a special dietary requirement as diagnosed by a doctor or dietician. Parents have a duty of care to notify the Nursery, in writing, of any medical conditions.
  • It is understood that Yellow Star Limited is under an obligation to report any incident where we consider a child may have been put at significant risk (physical or emotional). This may be done without informing the parent/carer.
  • Yellow Star Limited Staff and Management reserve the right to refuse entry to any child and/or parent at the Company’s sole discretion.
  • Yellow Star Limited Staff and Management reserve the right to remove a child from the Nursery at its sole discretion, refunding any fees that are due, paid and unused at the date of removal.
  • There is no parking facility at the Nursery. The car park is located at East Lane. Cars attempting to stay and/or drop off will be photographed. Local Community Officers are authorised to issue fines. Abusing the system may result in the exclusion of the child of the offending parent/carer.